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Lifestyle Photographer. Food blogger. Lifestyle influencer. Luxury travel writer. Hype-woman. Andre's better half. Donut connoisseur. Dog mom and BFF who brings the good wine.  

Becoming a lifestyle influencer

Where it all began and how I got here, now...

Believe it or not, I never started my business with dreams of it becoming what it is today. I just pursued what I loved and focused on combining my passions (writing & photography) and my unique design skills. I left grad school with degrees in psychology and education, launched a blog, picked up a camera, and built the life of my dreams. It’s still wild to say out loud, but within a few months, I turned my first blog into a successful company (the one you’re lookin’ at right now!). A decade later, as a lifestyle influencer, I now teach influencers how to do the same.

Where it all began and how I got here, now...

The Early Years

Spring 2009

Let’s rewind to 2009, the year I started blogging. Back then, I was fresh out of grad school. I had moved to Florida after college because I had no idea what I “wanted to do with my life,” and moving halfway across the country seemed like just the thing that might bring clarity. Eventually, I started a blog mostly because I missed writing (part of being a psych student = TONS of writing), and partly because I loved the creative freedom that it gave me. 

Note: At the time, “blogging” was NOT an actual THING. People commonly said (“Huh, people do this for a living?”) —For me, once I discovered the online universe, it was a done deal. I was straight up obsessed. 

my favorite part of my job? the people i've connected with online that i never would've known otherwise.


I nerd out on all things psych
OBSESSED WITH architecture 
NYC is always a good idea 
PET PEEVE? alarm clocks
drinks three coffes daily
secretly great at donut crawls

Lifestyle brand photography THAT EVOKES ALL THE FEELS.

- my goal with every shoot

Meet my fur baby.



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I’m probably sipping my 3rd coffee (or a spicy jalapeno margarita) and dreaming of ways I can help brands and influencers successfully market their brands online to allow them to live more and work less.

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