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Lifestyle Photography:
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Lifestyle photography — spontaneous moments, captured forever in time.

Lifestyle photography is one of my favorite things to shoot because it’s personal — it’s about YOU and showing off your unique personality and lifestyle. Whether you need fresh images for your gallery wall, photo gifts, your personal social media, updated pictures for your dating profile, a unique headshot for your LinkedIn profile, or you just want to capture some memories because of a recent milestone in your life, let's make a lasting impression with elevated portraits that show the real you in a genuine and authentic way.

Lifestyle Photographer

Interested in capturing the artistic side of everyday life? If so, you'll fall in love with lifestyle portrait photography. 

I'm a Charleston based lifestyle photographer, and I'm pretty obsessed with golden hour. I love to spend most of my time by the ocean, traveling and exploring with my fur baby, Belle and boyfriend, Andre Brierre Jr. My background is in psychology but I was drawn to photography at a very young age. I love to capture things as they really are; the raw moments, the real smiles, the real you.

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The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it's raw and candid, never poised. Let's capture some real, authentic moments in your everyday life