Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

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If a Savannah Georgia weekend getaway is on your bucket list, you’re in the right place! The truth is, it’s hard to locate a city in the southern U.S. more beautiful than Savannah, GA. With shady Spanish moss trees, cobblestone streets, stunning southern gardens and perfectly  preserved mansions at every corner, Savannah is a picturesque city you’ll want to visit again and again for years to come. Historically, it’s one of the oldest cities in the states, having been established in 1733, yet has been expertly preserved, making it a popular city for both history buffs and architecture lovers as it feels a bit like you’re stepping back in time. Given that it is one of the oldest cities in the nation, it’s also considered one of the most haunted (and yes, I can attest) so if you’re into ghost stories and tours, you’ll find that in Savannah too.

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

It’s no secret why a Savannah Georgia weekend getaway is on so many traveler’s bucket lists! Aside from being one of the most beautiful cities in the south, it also is home to some of the country’s most sought-after restaurants. With so many famous chef’s calling Savannah home, the food scene in Savannah is hard to beat, and the bar scene is just as good. You’ll find everything from lively rooftop bars to cozy, romantic corner bars — oh and if drinking on the go is your thing, you can do that in Savannah’s historic district too since the city allows open containers within the district’s lines.

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

So let’s start with one of Savannah’s most popular destinations, the historic district. A walk through Savannah’s historic district is a must, no matter what time of year you visit. It has just about everything you could imagine, including 22 park-like squares, each with plenty of benches and fountains to relax by, as well as shopping and eateries to browse adjacent to the parks, elegant southern mansions, gothic churches and those wispy Spanish moss oak trees to gaze at along your way. Although there are countless horse-drawn carriages and trolleys available for tours of the city, Savannah’s historic district is very pedestrian friendly, so I’d actually suggest taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhoods in order to take in all the sights, shopping, bookstores, antique shops and eateries along your way. Also, aside from its historic charm, Savannah also has a very vibrant arts culture and is a perfect place to spend a weekend exploring the local art galleries too!

Savanna Georgia Itinerary

Savannah Georgia itinerary

Places To Eat Savannah GA

Now, if you know me, I search cities high and low before arriving for the most authentic local restaurants so I can be sure I’ve sampled all of the freshest and tastiest local cuisines while I’m visiting. My recent trip to Savannah was for 3 days, so I’ll go ahead and share the restaurants we loved while visiting, so you can book them too. Speaking of reservations, Savannah has an almost cult-like food scene, so you’ll want to book reservations well in advance, if you ask me, at least a week out so you can get the table you’re hoping for!

Here’s a list of restaurants we loved:

1540 Room

1540 Room is located inside the DeSoto Hotel and features lowcountry sourced, farm-to-table dishes, including a very unique collection of wines. We enjoyed the raw oysters and steak tartare to start, and for dinner we ordered the Turkish Manti and Brick Hen. Not only was the restaurant decorated beautifully, it was undeniably spacious with a bright, open layout and a soaring ceiling. To say we loved the food is an understatement, I highly recommend you make reservations!

700 Drayton

700 Drayton is located inside the Mansion on Forsyth Park, one of Savannah’s most sought-after 5 star hotels and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful restaurants in Savannah’s historic district as it’s artfully designed with stunning antique furnishings, dazzling chandeliers, and impeccably displayed artwork from the Mansion’s Kessler Art Gallery. 700 Drayton is one of Savannah’s most talked about and finest dining experiences, and something everyone should experience at least once in my personal opinion. Since we stayed at the Mansion on Forsyth, we arrived for breakfast and started with Mimosa’s. After drooling over the menu we each ordered the Eggs Benedict, although for a moment I did consider the Brioche French Toast with cinnamon, diplomat cream, blueberry syrup, orange, and pistachio. The food was prepared perfectly and I would absolutely visit again. As with the other restaurants in Savannah, I highly suggest making reservations for 700 Drayton.

Local 11Ten

11Ten is located a block south of Forsyth Park in Savannah’s historic district in an exquisitely restored 1950’s-era downtown bank. The vibe inside is very seductive, with candlelit tables, antique brass chandeliers, velvet curtains hung over spacious street-facing windows, a romantic bar and gorgeous marble tables. 11Ten is devoted to offering unique southern flavors using local and seasonal ingredients like fresh seafood caught from Georgia’s own coast and fresh vegetables and herbs from Savannah’s own local farmers. We ordered the Caesar salad to start and for our main courses, the Coconut Curry and Garganelli. Each dish was delectable. As with the other restaurants, I suggest making reservations for 11Ten at least a week in advance.

Bars in Savannah GA Historic District

Now, a Savannah Georgia weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the libations at the hip bars in Savannah’s historic district. We in particular loved the spicy margaritas at the rooftop bar Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian Hotel on Savannah’s riverfront. Rocks on the Roof has panoramic views of the river and city, and some seriously refreshing cocktails. We also enjoyed the sultry Bösendorfer Lounge located inside the Mansion on Forsyth Park, for its dark and moody atmosphere and delicious selection of wine.

Bars in Savannah GA Historic District

If you’re searching for a more eclectic atmosphere, I suggest heading over to Baobab Lounge, an striking African lounge located inside the Plant Riverside Building. It has a curated selection of wines, cocktails, and small plates, as well as an eye-catching collection of modern and traditional artwork, and even life-sized animals from different regions throughout Africa displayed throughout the lounge. We sampled the sparkling rose, beer and sliders and would certainly return again.

Things To Do and See in Savannah GA

While Savannah is a small city, it definitely doesn’t lack things to do. In fact, if you were to google “things to do and see in Savannah GA” you would discover hundreds of ideas! So, let’s start with some of the most popular attractions, starting with a walking (or horse-drawn) tour of the historic district south along Bull Street down to the infamous Forsyth Park. This is a particularly picturesque section of the historic district and is perfect for people-watching while providing up close views of the city’s historic antebellum mansions, romanesque churches, shady parks. It’s also a popular street to discover some of Savannah’s best boutique shopping, quaint coffee shops, aromatic bakeries, lively bars, and downright charming restaurants. Once at the southern end of Bull Street you’ll discover Forsyth Park, which is a beautiful 30 acre green space in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind under a shady oak tree, or stroll along the paved pathways. At the north end of the park you can stop to admire the park’s vast 150 year old cast-iron fountain and stop for a picnic or a jazz festival at the park’s shell.

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

Once you’ve finished the tour of the park, you’ll want to make your way back north to Savannah’s riverfront where you’ll find a mile of high end shopping, art galleries, incredible dining, sophisticated bars and luxury hotels to explore. We stopped inside the Plant Riverside Building entertainment district and discovered Generator Hall, which is home to a chrome brontosaurus hanging from the ceiling, as well as an ancient bear skeleton and vast gemstones. The building is also home to many live concerts, as well as the luxurious JW Marriott, which actually comprises 3 additional buildings along River Street.

Things To Do and See in Savannah GA

Savannah Georgia Itinerary

Now, if you’re hoping to gather ideas for a specific itinerary, here’s a list of some of the most popular attractions in Savannah. We visited many of these and if I were to go back again, I would re-visit each!

Things To Do and See in Savannah GA

Five Star Hotels in Savannah

Now, with all there is to see and do in Savannah, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning a few of the most popular five star hotels in Savannah. So here’s a list! Of course, if you’ve stayed at any of these hotels I’d love to know, so please leave a comment below.

five star hotels in Savannah

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I hope this has thoroughly prepared you for a Savanna Georgia weekend getaway! Before you go, please read my other travel guides and of course, make sure you hop on my email list to get weekly updates on all things travel and food!

Savannah Georgia Weekend Getaway

savannah georgia weekend getaway


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