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If, like me, you’re searching for one year anniversary gifts for him, keep reading because in this post I’m sharing luxury gift ideas for the man in your life — whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, or fiancé.

With our one year anniversary just weeks away I have been shopping for a gift for Andre that he will absolutely l-o-v-e-e-e, and after weeks of shopping I can finally say that I’ve narrowed down the perfect gift for him — and can’t wait for the day to finally arrive when he opens it! This entire year with him has been truly incredible, and I think anyone that knows us knows that he spoils me way more than I deserve, and so he truly deserves a tasteful gift. With that said, if you’re searching for a one year anniversary gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, trust me when I say — I’ve got you covered.


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One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

I think we can all agree, whether you’ve been dating (or married) for one year,  ten or even fifty, dreaming up anniversary gifts for him is easier said than done! And the truth is, there are those who deserve gifts, and there are those who deserve luxury gifts. So, let’s chat about luxury gift ideas for men, because sometimes a bottle of basic cologne or a new pair of trendy sunglasses just won’t cut it. 

Andre Brierre Jr., boyfriend to Jaye Everly, a popular Charleston lifestyle influencer, is an avid fisher and fishing charter captain in Charleston, SC one year anniversary gifts for him

That’s where the luxury gift comes in, it’s something that — quite frankly — says “I love you” in a way that he will appreciate for years to come.

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Men 

In my opinion, the best luxury gifts for men aren’t necessarily extravagant, but they are unique and definitely stand the test of time. I like to say they’re like the all-stars in the league of gifts, stylish, incredibly well-crafted, and a bit like eye candy for the man in your life. 

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Luxury Gift Ideas for Men

While shopping for Andre these past few weeks, I came across some incredible gifts and saved the ones that caught my eye the most to share here in this gift guide. I think you’ll agree that these are some of the best one year anniversary gifts for him, not to mention, some of the best luxury gifts for men, and at the time of this writing they’re all still available. 

Are they a bit more expensive? Yes, absolutely. But, you pay for what you get. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that luxury gifts take things to the next level. For example, swapping basic fabric for seriously cozy, plush fleece in this luxe Ugg robe or swapping budget-friendly canvas for high end, polycarbonate (a lightweight, aerospace-grade material that is nearly impossible to break) like in this Mono’s luggage that I gifted Andre for Christmas this year

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

There’s no denying that luxury gifts can significantly improve your man’s life, for example, changing the way he listens to music (for the better) with this high end Marshall Speaker that’s guaranteed to immerse his home in exquisite sound. If that’s not a way of saying “I love you”, I don’t know what is. ❤️

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you’re getting an early start on one anniversary gift shopping or looking for a luxury gift for your man because you’re about to celebrate an anniversary soon, I’ve included more than 20 of the best luxury gifts for men in this gift guide. And if that’s not enough you can take a peek at my valentine’s day gift guide for the man in your life next to discover even more luxury gifts for men!

Or heck, maybe you don’t even need a reason to celebrate —  aside from the fact that he loves gifts, and you just want to get him something special for no other reason than you love to surprise him every so often. If so, and you’re looking for even more ideas, I have gift guides for those shopping for gifts for men that travel and even a gift guide for those searching for the perfect gift for their fur baby so make sure to check those out next.


One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Whatever the case may be, keep scrolling to discover some seriously upscale gift ideas for men — from luxurious fragrances to fine jewelry to sleek designer watches and even a few high-end tech gadgets. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram to find out which gift I got Andre for our one year anniversary! ❤️

Bye for now  —  Jaye

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