Hotel Arlo Soho NYC: A Trendy NYC Design Hotel That Feels Like a Steal

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Located at the intersection of Greenwich, SoHo and Tribeca, Hotel Arlo SoHo (NYC) is a chic boutique design hotel in one of Manhattan’s most inviting neighborhoods, and a perfect choice for either a leisurely staycation, a quick weekend getaway to NYC or a much needed work-from-anywhere, working getaway. 

Hotel Arlo Soho NYC is a micro hotel and trendy boutique hotel located in Soho, just steps from the Hudson River

Hotel Arlo Soho NYC

Hotel Arlo itself is an independently owned hotel with properties in NYC and Miami. Currently they have two locations in NYC, Arlo Nomad located North of Madison Square Park between the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden, and Arlo Soho located in the historic printing district, a short walk from the Hudson river and seconds from the Holland Tunnel. It’s nestled between SoHo, TriBeCa, and the West Village, meaning that many of the city’s top hottest spots are literally steps away.

Considering that I love this area of New York so much, I felt it would be the perfect spot for me, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Arlo’s friendly, green, and high end yet informal atmosphere is refined even further by its unpretentious and welcoming staff.

Hotel Arlo Soho NYC has stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and is a short walk to some of the cities best boutiques and restaurants.

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Boutique Hotels Soho New York

OK, so in case you missed it, micro-boutique hotels are a trend that’s here to stay — especially in a city like NYC where space is limited to say the least. And as someone who could easily live in a hotel, I have been curious to experience one of the new micro-hotels in NYC. So, after an extensive search, I chose a king room (sans terrace, although it was available) at the Arlo Hotel SoHo, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Hotel Arlo Soho New York is a boutique hotel in Soho with extensive lounge areas, a speakeasy, rooftop bar and popular restaurant.

Note: At one point in my life I lived in a studio in the heart of Boston, so I am extremely comfortable living in small spaces, mostly because I don’t spend much time inside. Instead I’m typically out exploring the city, discovering unique places to lounge at or work from, and meeting new people and friends. OK, so a stay in a micro-hotel is honestly not a stretch for me. And I encourage you to give it a chance if you’re more accustomed to spacious hotel rooms or suites, because trust me, it has its advantages, which you’ll find as you read further.

Micro hotels nyc are a popular destination for urban explorers who don't plan to spend their time inside their hotel rooms but instead out exploring the city.


Arlo Hotel Soho

So, I think it’s safe to say that a stay at Arlo hotel Soho is pretty much what one might imagine living in an urban studio would be like. The aesthetic is monochromic but sleek – just how you may imagine a high end New York City apartment might look like. The rooms are minimalist in design, yet high in function as they’re custom designed with innovative storage in mind (tucked away alcove beds, open pegboard closets, underbed storage, and flip-down wall desks for example). Although, it’s worth mentioning that some rooms do have ample outside terrace spaces with stunning city views, chaise lounges and even outdoor showers. So if you’re planning a summertime stay you may want to consider that.

With so many New York boutique hotels to choose from deciding on one is not easy but I personally love the micro hotels in Soho.

Hotel Arlo Soho NYC

Following the boutique, “micro-hotel” trend, Arlo’s guestrooms are intentionally quaint, but trust me when I say, what the rooms lack in size, the common areas make up for, because hotel Arlo has some of the most alluring variety of lounge spaces I’ve ever seen inside a hotel. And I love that because it really encourages guests to spend time enjoying the hotel and interacting with others over being tucked away in a spacious hotel room all alone.

Boutique hotels soho New York like hotel Arlo in soho are an excellent choice for those who enjoy a luxurious stay on a budget

Arlo Hotel Soho

In my opinion, Arlo’s micro-rooms provide many of the luxurious comforts one who frequents hotels of this standard would expect. Their sleek and monochromatic design oozes nothing less than necessary, but nothing-in-excess vibes. Also, one of the foundations of the Arlo brand is dynamic self-expression, and it’s noticeable! Color and pattern is used throughout the property adding pops of bold vibrancy which complements the monochromatic palette perfectly. Some additional amenities worth mentioning include bathrooms with glass-enclosed rainfall showers and bespoke apothecary bath products, free WiFi, LED TV’s, and USB charging stations. Hotel Arlo also has valet parking and bikes to rent from Priority Bicycles, in case you’re into a more active lifestyle.

Hotel Arlo Soho New York

Like I mentioned earlier, hotel Arlo’s lounge spaces are extensive and worth exploring, which is why (in my opinion) the room size is irrelevant. First, just off the lobby behind velvet curtains is a sultry, romantic speakeasy called Foxtails, which opens to a beautiful open air courtyard to view the night sky. Past the speakeasy down the hall is a spacious yet very cozy and dimly lit lounge area with an array of intimate sitting areas as well as large communal tables with custom reading lights.

Boutique hotels soho New York including hotel Arlo are an experience you'll never forget. With everything at your fingertips, you won't want to check out!

So, whether you plan to relax with a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, work on your laptop, or meet with clients for informal meetings, this area is not to be missed. It also overlooks the courtyard, through floor to ceiling windows, which let me just say is the most unique courtyard I’ve seen in a hotel, as it has actual cabins complete with cushy cabin furniture to snuggle up in under the open sky. 

With so many New York boutique hotels to choose from deciding on one is not easy but I personally love the options in Tribeca and Soho.

There’s MORE. A quick walk up the beautifully  designed stairway to the second floor opens to another lounge spot and an impressive library, which also opens to a spacious terrace overlooking the courtyard. So, again, there is absolutely no reason to need a massive room to relax in when you stay at this hotel because it has more inviting (indoor and outdoor) lounge areas than you could ever imagine needing. 

Not to mention, a rooftop bar and the infamous Linden’s NYC restaurant, which sits just past the courtyard. 

Hotel Arlo Soho New York is a boutique micro hotel in Soho with an on site restaurant, speakeasy, rooftop bar and bodega.

Initially designed as a ‘haven for wanderers with purpose’, it’s said Arlo Hotel was created as a hub for urban explorers and has even won countless awards for its bold and innovative design scheme. In fact, it’s said that Arlo, a hotel facing the ongoing challenge of limited space in New York City, had a goal to turn small rooms into a selling point by offering the best, most attractive essentials, without any excess. And in my opinion, they accomplished all that and more. 

And so, while the sanctuary of the rooms are compact, they are certainly not lacking in comfort. The bed itself was a luxurious escape that I looked forward to at the end of each of my day’s wandering the city. And despite the small size there was plenty of room for my luggage, a mini-fridge and a work desk. And I didnt even envy those with rooms with a terrace since there were plenty of outdoor terraces at the hotel’s property itself that I could enjoy, 24/7. Plus, the warm walnut furnishings, glass bath, rain showers, and bespoke apothecary bath products added a noticeably luxurious feel. 

Boutique Hotels Soho New York

Given that hotel Arlo is located in Soho, and steps from an endless variety of things to do, I think it’s safe to assume many of you reading this don’t plan to spend a ton of time in your hotel room anyways. So, not only does the Soho location put you within walking distance of some of Manhattan’s most sought out restaurants and bars, the hotel (like I mentioned earlier) also has a few of its own. There’s Linden’s, an eternally chic and tasty upscale casual restaurant inspired by the Linden trees that line New York’s streets, and a new speakeasy called Foxtails, which serves (you guessed it) speakeasy-style cocktails, including spiked punch bowls and cocktails crafted after famous throwbacks like pineapple upside down cake. It also has a 24-hour modern bodega-style snackery stocked with locally made candies, coffees, bagels, alcoholic beverages and more so guests can get their mini-bar fill. Also, for those who are visiting for the views (and who isn’t) there’s A.R.T. Soho, the hotel’s rooftop bar with a stunning view of the Hudson River.

Micro hotels nyc are here to stay and are worth the trip if you don't plan to spend your time in your hotel room.

Hotel Arlo Soho NYC

Again, what it lacks in space, Arlo Soho makes up for with impressive design and thoughtful details. Thanks to unique furnishings, smart technology, and inclusive public spaces, hotel Arlo Soho feels like a game changer in the inexpensive (for NYC) category.

Overall the vibe is young, trendy, hip, and design-conscious but also business (and digital-nomad) friendly — and a welcome space to not only start your day, but to unwind after a long day exploring the city. 

Boutique hotels soho New York are popular for a reason, they emphasize the amenities not the room size, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the hotel when you're unwinding from a long day exploring NYC.


Tech-savvy travelers will appreciate details like bedside USB charging stations, Bluetooth radios, a thoughtfully designed mobile app, and 24-hour virtual concierge. 

Good to Know

To keep room prices down, the hotel takes a self-service approach to many things, including a virtual concierge service. In-room mini-bars are empty, however the hotel’s bodega is overstocked with just about everything your tastebud’s desire.

Things To Do in Soho NYC — What’sNearby

Like I mentioned, hotel Arlo (Soho) is located on the borders of SoHo and Tribeca, a fashion hot spot. Meaning, you can easily shop your way through SoHo. I recommend starting on Prince Street where you’ll find endless boutiques and delicious restaurants. A few of my favorites are the Old Fashioned Cafe, Pera Soho, Sadelles, Price St. Pizza, La Pecora Bianca, and Dominique Ansel Bakery

Aside from shopping and indulging your tastebuds  in SoHo, I recommend walking through the beautiful Greenwich Village streets to take in the unique architecture, or casually day-drinking in Tribeca. Also, since Hudson Yards is just a short walk from Soho I can’t recommend enough heading straight to the impeccably designed High Line greenway to take in the stunning waterfront views of the Hudson River, towering skyscrapers, luxurious condos and contemporary architecture — and ending your walk in Hudson Yards where you’ll find endless eateries, high end boutiques and the Vessel.

After all that, if you need a little R&R (and who wouldn’t), you may want to head to Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca, a stunning subterranean spa with candlelit pools and a tranquil steam room to unwind with a much-needed massage, soothing thermal bath, or even a refreshing cold plunge. Or, if you live an active lifestyle you could alternatively head to Equinox in Hudson Yards for a workout or yoga class that you won’t regret. 

Hotel Arlo Soho New York — Book It

Interested in spending the night at Hotel Arlo? Click here for reservations.

Hotel Arlo soho New York has numerous lounge spaces, and a unique courtyard with cozy cabins to snuggle up in on chilly autumn evenings for drinks with friends.

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